Convenient and Private

Connect with your counselor from almost any device.  No travel needed and couples can be at separate locations.

Ray uses the strictest privacy measures and uses encryption for all communication with you.

Your information will only be created and stored on’s servers, and is required to follow all of HIPAA’s privacy and security regulations and uses encryption, or on the Signal App on your device.  The company that provides the Signal Messanger app (Wisper Systems) does not have access to your information.  Your contact information on your counselor’s phone is restricted to only the device (it is not synced with any cloud program) and the device is full disk encrypted.  Voicemails will only be left at a phone number which you select, and mail will only be sent to an address which you select.

Take caution with any counseling provider that offers texting using normal SMS services, chat on their website, a standard email address for contact, testimonies, comments on web pages, or any platform to communicate that does not provide adequate security or a business associate agreement.  These procedures can put your confidentiality at risk.