How It Works

Online counseling is a matter of a few easy steps.

Step One:  Call or secure message Ray to see if you both are a fit and to schedule an appointment.

Step Two: Register on the client portal, where you will have access to secure communication, your schedule, and billing.

Step Three: Have your session with Ray, either by Video Conferencing, Phone, Email, or Texting.

Demo of how to secure message Ray

Demo of how to register with Life’s Canvas.  Click here to register.

Demo of how to attend a VideoChat or Chat session on the client portal.  Using the client portal there is not download needed.

Demo of how to attend online counseling, video therapy, or texting counseling via Vsee.  Those seeking to connect with Ray via Vsee, please download the Vsee app, then search for, and then send Ray a chat message only via Vsee.  DO NOT email Ray at because standard email may not be secure.   Warning: when using Vsee your email address will be connected with your name, and searchable, on the Vsee platform.