Send a Secure Text

You can Secure Text With Me Using the OhMD APP.  Click here to download the app. 
OhMD User Guide 
1. Download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play. 
2. Once the app has downloaded, select “Sign Up”. Then Select “I am a patient” and enter your mobile telephone number. 
3. Enter Raymond Barrett and select “Yes, I’m a patient of this provider”. 
4. Complete your patient demographics. 
5. Enter your verification code and select verify.  Your account will be pending until I have confirmed you as a patient. 
6. Once approved, you will receive a notification and will now be able to secure text with me. 
OhMD is NOT to be used for: 
• Emergencies 
• Counseling sessions 
Using OhMD, you can: 
• Schedule an appointment 
• Send your counselor brief updates 
• Your counselor may not receive your message for up to 48 hours 
• Others might access your text messages on your OhMD app 
How to keep others from accessing your OhMD app: 
• Use a strong password to lock any device that you use to access OhMD 
• Keep your passwords secure and private • Do not share your device with the OhMD app open or unlocked 
• For extra security, you can full disk encrypt your device 
• Texts you send to your counselor will become part of your medical record 
• Tests you send to your counselor will be stored with OhMD indefinitely 
• OhMD is designed for healthcare and to adhere to healthcare privacy law