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How Counseling Helps

It is normal for couples to have challenges.  Couples find great relief and success with online counseling. If you are struggling with sadness, anxiety, grief, or lack of confidence, online counseling can help you discover and claim your true greatness.

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Convenient and Private

Connect with your counselor from almost any device.  No travel needed and couples can be at separate locations. Ray uses the strictest privacy measures and uses encryption for all communication with you.

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About Our Counselor

  Raymond Barrett is a creative, engaging, and compassionate counselor.  He is 41 years old, married, and a father of four.  Clients find Ray easy to talk with, and skillful at helping them use their own inner resources.

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How It Works

Online counseling is a matter of a few easy steps.

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Answers about locations, insurance, cost, schedule, equipment requirements, privacy, and how sessions are attended.

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